Hyungyu Shin

I'm an MS student in the School of Computing at KAIST, advised by Juho Kim. I'm interested in the field of online education especially for instructors. Specifically, I'm currently interested in supporting instructors by (1) providing learner data as feedback, (2) improving a quality of existing video lectures with a novel interaction technique, and (3) developing a tool for authoring materials for teaching. I also enjoy doing/teaching algorithmic problem solving such as ACM-ICPC. In the past, I worked on in-memory graph database. Please reach me through the following channels: Email, Facebook, Google Scholar


M.S. Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
School of Computing
Advisor: Prof. Juho Kim
2017. 3. ~ Present
B.S. Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE), Summa Cum Laude
2011. 3. ~ 2015. 2.

Work Experience

Research Intern Creative Intelligence Lab, Adobe -- Cambridge, MA
- Designing a tool for enhancing slide authoring experience.
2018. 6. ~ 2018. 9.
Research Intern KAIST Interaction Lab (KIXLAB), KAIST
- Designed an interface that effectively help instructors to collect and organize learners' feedback on their lecture video.
2016. 7. ~ 2017. 2.
Software Intern PGX Team, Oracle -- Redwood City, CA
- Working on improving performance of subgraphs loading into memory.
- This work is released in the product. I introduced the concept of the auto filter.
2015. 12. ~ 2016. 3.
Software Intern Transactions Team, SAP -- Seoul, South Korea
- Analyzed the performance and efficiency of garbage collector in SAP HANA
- This work was published in SIGMOD 2016
2015. 7. ~ 2016. 8.


  1. Understanding the Effect of In-Video Prompting on Learners and Instructors
    Hyungyu Shin, Eun-Young Ko, Joseph Jay Williams, Juho Kim
    CHI 2018. | [PDF] [acm dl] [video preview] [slide]
  2. Hybrid Garbage Collection for Multi-Version Concurrency Control in SAP HANA
    Juchang Lee, Hyungyu Shin, Chang Gyoo Park, Seongyun Ko, Jaeyun Noh, Yongjae Chuh, Wolfgang Stephen, Wook-Shin Han
    SIGMOD 2016. | [acm dl]
  3. Taming Subgraph Isomorphism for RDF Query Processing
    Jinha Kim, Hyungyu Shin, Wook-Shin Han, Sungpack Hong, Hassan Chafi
    VLDB 2015. | [acm dl]

Honors and Awards

Programming Contest 5th place, ACM-ICPC Asia Daejeon Regional 2011, 2012
1th place, POSTECH Programming Contest 2011
3rd place, Korea Olympiad in Informatics : Competition 2010


Instructor Live Video Streaming on Elice
- Online courses with 100+ learners
- Led data structure and algorithm courses
- Course websites (in Korean) : [DS&AL] [AL1] [AL2] [DS1]
Mar. 2017 ~ Nov. 2017
Elice Data Scientist Course
- Offline course with 30+ learners
- Designed curriculums, course materials, and assignments for ACM-ICPC
- Led 8 TAs
Nov. 2016 ~ Dec. 2016
POSTECH Computing Algorithms Team Seminar
- Offline seminars with 10+ undergraduate students in POSTECH
- Designed curriculums, course materials, and assignments for ACM-ICPC
- Course websites : [Link]
Jun. 2014 ~ July. 2014
TA Introduction to Human-Computer Interaction, KAIST
Database System, POSTECH
2017, 2018